Podio – Brings workspace to Android Devices

Podio iconPodio from Citrix is a collaborative work platform to help you and your team, manage projects and run business processes like sales, recruiting and product development. With numerous apps for Android you’ll stay coordinated no matter where you’re working from.

The new Android App puts your Podio Apps and Workspaces right onto your mobile phone. Any of your existing Podio Apps will work on your Android, helping you and your coworkers stay productive, anytime wherever you are.

Podio is set out to empower you to manage your work in an easy and efficient way. If you use Podio you probably also use some apps, these are the core of getting work done on Podio. Anyone can build their own app on the web-version of Podio, no technical skills needed, and it’ll instantly be available through the new Android App, truly enabling you to work from anywhere. Some great uses for your Podio Apps on your phone include: reporting expenses, managing sales leads, taking field notes, spotting trends, and tracking bugs. Have a different use-case? Just build your own app in few minutes.

Why we say, it is a collaborative work platform to help your team achieve more, together.

  1. From tracking projects to handling sales leads, get it done from anywhere.
  2. Work smarter, together – less email clutter and less unstructured documents.
  3. Key Features:
  4. Workspaces – bring the perfect team together and collaborate with anyone, from anywhere.
  5. Podio Apps – hundreds of free work apps for handling: projects, sales leads, product development, job candidates and more.
  6. Tasks – the next level of task management. Podio adds business context to every task, saving you time.
  7. Social Activity Streams – share status messages and get progress updates on everything in your work, in real-time.
  8. Smart Inbox & Contacts – stay in the loop with push notifications and private messaging, integrated with your phonebook.

What you can do with the new Android App

  • Customize your Podio mobile home-screen with all your favorite Apps and Workspaces.
  • Create and edit app items from your Android for everyone to work on.
  • Put photos and video directly into your app items.
  • Quickly find what you’re working on – for example, use app filters to only see deals with closing dates this week.
  • Access your workspaces to post status updates and get an overview of all the activity in the workspace.
  • Manage your personal task list and assign tasks to your coworkers.

The latest update for the Podio Android app is out and available at Google Play. The updated app enables you to share photographs with your status posts in any of your workspace streams.
















User Reviews:

Google play reviews (468)!

“Podio threatens to replace all your project management tools” – Mashable

“A game changing virtual office that forms to your needs” – TheNextWeb

Podio is rated 3.8 star at Google play but you can help to improve the rating by giving it a 5 star!

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