Pocket Drums Ultimate Drum App

PD iconPocket Drums is an android based drum application and  game, which has sound effects and sound recording. The application is compatible with different Android devices, it’s optimized for both tablets and mobiles with different resolutions. The multi-touch Pocket Drums contains skinning features and dynamic creation of user interface.

The MOST features of any Android drum app, including 10 high fidelity stereo drum kits, 3 different drum wraps to choose from, realistic drum graphics and visual effects that make you feel as if you’re playing a real drum set, multi-track recording, 20 unique drum loops to play along to, variable pitch control and delay, drum rolls, double bass drumming, variable metronome with 10 unique sounds, drum rudiment videos with real snare to learn how to play the basic rudiments, ability to play with your favorite music from within Pocket Drums, lefty mode, and much more!


  •  Multi-touch – play multiple drum heads and cymbals simultaneously
  •  10 professionally recorded 44.1 khz high fidelity kits, with more to come
  •  Multi-track recorder that allows you to save, load, loop, and play recorded tracks
  •  Record and play on top of loaded/saved tracks
  •  Pitch and Delay Controls – slider adjustments allows limitless drum sounds
  •  Realistic Rolls – simply swirl your finger around to create slower or faster rolls
  •  Double Bass drum feature with slider adjustment
  •  10 Metronome Sounds and 4 Time Signatures to choose from, with BPM adjustment
  •  10 Drum Beats and 10 Music Beats to play along to, with more to come!
  •  Slide your finger between drums
  •  Option to add bass drum when hitting crash cymbal
  •  Videos of basic drum rudiments played on a real snare drum
  •  Repeated cymbal and drum taps blend in like real drums
  •  Lefty Mode – reverse the entire drum layout
  •  Play along to the music in your library
  •  Amazingly realistic drum wraps
  •  Realistic visual effects – drums and cymbals look and respond like a real drum set, visually corresponding to your every touch

Pocket Drums falls in music & audio category and it’s available at Google play for FREE. The current version 1.1 which was updated on 27th October, 2012 requires android version 2.2 or later.











User Reviews:

Pocket Drums is well received by android users. App’s Google Play rating is 4.3/5 star.


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