Playworld Superheroes

Playworld Superheroes is a new kids’ game that’s a mixture of a crafting game and an action-adventure game.

Playworld SuperheroesMade for kids aged 4 to 11! The kids can craft various costumes and such in the treehouse and then take to the streets to thwart bad guys. The graphics and game play mechanics are phenomenal and this is definitely a step above most kids’ games. There are also no in-app purchases which will make parents happy and there are even some lessons to be learned from the game. It hits all the right notes and is worth a try.

Playworld inspires children to star in a blockbuster of their own creation, where adults see just cardboard boxes, children can see superheroes. With eco-friendly messages cloaked in craft and enjoyment throughout, Playworld empowers a child’s creativity.

In the gameplay, the player enters a land in which craft and imagination unlock a new world of possibilities, and he/she progresses through a series of fun-filled, action-packed levels!

Super-powered playtime begins in the treehouse, a crafting hub in which players let their creativity run wild! Paint, cut, build, and modify your ultimate superhero suit and logo, then jump from the calm tranquility of the treehouse to the action-packed spectacle of Playworld – the land of your imagination! Under attack by the mischievous Golumites, Playworld needs a hero to save the land from certain destruction, could it be you?

Defeat playful enemies on the ground in intense moment-to-moment action, and jump back to the treehouse to craft new tools and gadgets to level up your powers, then take to the skies for the ultimate showdown with a towering intergalactic monster! Armed only with your imagination, you must skip between two worlds to save them both in a Hollywood blockbuster-styled extravaganza.

The first in a series of mobile adventures, Playworld Superheroes marks the beginning of a journey with limitless possibilities.

It is available on android at a cost of $4.29, and supports android 4.0 and above.

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Playworld Superheroes1

User reviews: Parents who shared there reviews said the game is nice game for kids.

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