Player FM Podcast App

Player FM Podcast AppPlayer FM Podcast App player FM also supports Android Auto

Cloud podcast app that syncs across devices, helps you discover great shows, and plays offline. Free forever with no ads and minimal permissions, premium plan launching later this year.

Out of the many podcast apps available in the play store, player FM Podcast proofs to be a highly capable app with a bevy of features that even the most hard-core podcast listener would demand. And this app can be used in the Android Auto world.

Player FM has all the bells and whistles you could ask for in a podcatcher. That much is clear after even after just a few minutes of use. It’s got Google sign-in for keeping things synced across devices without having to remember a separate password. It’s got a nice queue. It’s got variable speed playback. But none of that is available once you’re plugged in to your car. That’s not all that surprising, though, and it’s really no different than every other podcatcher available for the same.

The cloud model also saves you bandwidth and battery by fetching feeds in the server instead of checking every publisher’s server for updates.

Get this app for fresh recommendations on your favorite topics, ready for immediate streaming or download. Has catalogue that goes deep, with 500+ niche topics to follow. Not just “Tech”, but “Android”, “Gaming”, “Programming”, etc. Follow your favorite TV show, sport, industry, Business, Comedy, Education, Music, News, Sciences, Sports, Storytelling, Tech, TV and Movies, Health and Fitness, Religion and Spirituality, Career and Relationship advice, Learning English and much more. See

OFFLINE-READY – Subscriptions and Play Later lists proactively downloaded for offline use, with auto-cleanup. All highly configurable.

PLAY HISTORY – Resume where you left off, mark played, browse your history.

FREE FOREVER WITH NO ADS – Manage up to 20 subscriptions, enable Gold trial directly in the app for unlimited subscriptions + other benefits (Gold launches later this year but you can activate the trial now).


Explore podcasts in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, French, more. Great for learning a second language on the go.

Player FM podcast app works great with Android Wear (episode browser app on your wrist), Chromecast, voice activation (“OK Google search for Android on Player FM”), Samsung Gear S notifications, enhanced sound on Dolby® Digital Plus™ compatible devices, LG Quick Circle™, Music Boss integration on Android Wear, Podlove Subscribe, Subscribe On Android.

Player FM Podcasts is available on Google play store as a free app. It requires Android 4.0 and above.


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User reviews: Player FM Podcast App has been received well on Android, hitting 500, 000 downloads in shot period.

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