[Play Store News:] Android Wear Gets Its Own Companion App, With a Dedicated Section in the Google Play App Store.


Google’s new SmartWatch platform powering wrist-computers such as the LG G, Samsung Gear Live, and Moto 360, now has its own companion application. The app, also called Android Wear, is available from the Google Play app store, allowing watch owners to configure various settings and voice actions on their device.

While only a few have secured an Android Wear watch on their wrist today, app developers are already started creating apps for this devices and publishing them on Google Play store. Currently, the total sum of wear apps is 24 and this has encouraged Google to set a side a section dedicated specifically to wear in the play store.

The app today offers some fairly basic functionality, like configuring notifications preferences or various voice actions for things like the alarm, timer or agenda on an Android Wear Smartwatch. As these apps are still young in the market, they are capable to do some simple tasks at the moment. They could eventually be expanded to allow for more functionality in the future, as the Android Wear platform becomes further developed.

The available Android wear apps includes categories as news apps (The Guardian, Reuters), social apps (Pinterest, Glympse), food apps (Eat24, Allthecooks Recipes), and a smattering of others across categories like travel & finance. Google its is not left behind in this new line of development for they have published several Wear apps itself, including Maps & Hangouts.

You can view the full selection of Android Wear apps, including Google’s own companion app, on Google play – Apps for Android Wear.


Source: Google Play


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