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Pixlr EpressPixlr Express is a photo-editing app developed by Autodesk, the brand behind some seriously powerful software that powers architecture, construction and engineering firms’ work with 3D design tools.

More than 600 handful effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image, free!

Pixlr Express is a fun and free photo editor that lets you quickly crop, re-size, and fix any picture, remove red-eye, and whiten teeth. Then choose from more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders to personalize any image—all for free. From the makers of Pixlr-o-matic, Pixlr Express will make you look like a pro, even if you’ve never edited a photo before.

The clean design of four tabs once you select a photo (Adjustment, Effect, Overlay and Border) hides the plethora of options available within the categories

Get started by grabbing a copy of the Pixlr Express app for your Android device. After installing, you may want to visit the Settings configuration in the top left-hand corner before you start editing your photos. Here you’ll find options for your default save size, the default folder to save photos in, whether to start the app in Camera mode, and most importantly: Approve data collection. This is the app’s way of collecting data such as the OS used to access it, session length, locale and Wi-Fi status.

Pixlr Express menu has options like Sharpen, remove Red Eye, Whiten, Touch Up, Crop, Rotate, Auto Fix, and so on. Each of these options, with the exception of Auto Fix, will allow you to control how the adjustment is made when selected. You’ve got everything from cropping and rotating, to brightness and focal blur. The entire process is touch based, and none of the changes are saved until you give the okay. Some of this, like the focal blur tool that fakes depth of field, could be described as cheating. Still, you can make a mediocre image look pretty nice.

App Features:

•             Crop, resize, straighten and rotate images easily.

•             ‘Auto Fix’ photos for a one-click fix to balance out colors, adjusting for dark photos and poor lighting conditions.

•             Remove red-eye and whiten teeth with simple tools.

•             Overlays help you adjust the mood – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades.

•             Lighting effects can add drama, sparkle or a grunge look. Easily adjust the intensity and orientation of each effect.

•            Finish off your photo process with the right border – pick a style that fits you.

•             Look like a pro with cool photo effects like focal blur, denoise and more.

•             Explore color tools to adjust contrast, brighten, or focus on one color with a color splash.

•             Keep track of your favorite effects and overlays with the favorite’s button.

•             Share your photo directly with your friends through Facebook, Instagram, twitter or any of your favorite sharing apps, or just save it back to your Gallery.

•             No camera required! Select a photo from your gallery.










User Reviews:

Google Play comments (6,593)!

Pixlr Express is a cool app well received by users globally.

Google Play ratings stand at 4.8 on average!

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