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Piper Mobile Piper Mobile app allows you to monitor and control your Piper device. Piper is the first all-in-one home automation and security system in a smart, elegant package that lets you monitor what’s important in your life — all from your Android device with zero monthly fees.

The Piper app also allows you to view live and recorded video, control lights and appliances, set up security rules, and monitor your home’s temperature, humidity, and more.

How does it work?

It is a little gadget that combines a wide-angle webcam and microphone with a Z-wave controller. The Wi-Fi-connected box allows you to view your home from your phone, pan the camera and listen in to the mic, making it a relatively inexpensive security camera. It is also integrated with 105 decibel siren and a motion detector that might scare off a robber. The Z-wave controller are connected with compatible lights and appliances, controlling them manually or under pre-set rules.

Its interface is perfect that can accommodate so many functions. An event log feature keep you updated with the current news while you’re away. Choose to be alerted by text message, phone call, email, or a typical push notification, and the app itself will do the rest.

Piper starts at $239, with some discounts available for multiple camera units and Z-wave automation accessories. There are no monthly fees for accessing your hardware. Order yours now, and install to start using it in your home. The Piper Android app makes everything easy for you. Find out more at www.getpiper.com.

The Piper Mobile is a free download, compatible with all Android devices running Gingerbread or later.

Below is just a summary of what you can get with Piper:

  • Security – 3 customizable security modes (home, away and vacation), motion detector and piercing, 105-decibel siren
  • Automation – Integrate Z-Wave accessories into Piper’s security modes, control them remotely, on a schedule, or using environmental data
  • HD Panoramic camera – 180 degrees fisheye lens, electronic pan, tilt, and zoom, 1080p camera sensor
  • Customized alerts – Phone call, text message, email and push notifications to alert users and their trusted circle when security rules are triggered
  • Environmental sensors – Monitor and control home temperature, humidity, ambient light and sound
  • Elegant design – Simple, intuitive app. Compact, two-toned form with brushed metal legs.
  • Smart hardware – ARM processor, battery backup, internal memory for video storage, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.
  • Free cloud storage – Cloud infrastructure provides Piper a place to store event videos, send various types of notifications and perform additional login/connection negotiation
  • Android & iOS – NOW available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets


Piper MobilePiper MobilePiper Mobile

User reviews: Piper is well received on the mobile platform.






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