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Pinball Arcade IconPinball Arcade is a pinball video game created by FarSight Studios which was first published by Crave Entertainment, a company known to have  published Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection and Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. It is a simulated collection of real pinball tables licensed by Gottlieb, Williams, Bally, and Stern Pinball.

Make this app the greatest pinball for your Android phone and tablet. FarSight Studios are established developers who have previously made apps like best of pinball games on the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, 3DS, and Wii, introduces the Pinball Arcade!

Also it is the winner of the Best Mobile Game of 2012 by X-Play! Having brought back several classic pinball tables from major players in the pinball industry, it is the most accurate. Each table however comes with a brief description of its history.

The controls are simple enough. Swipe down on the lever to pull it back and release and then it’s all about tapping the left or right hand side of the screen to activate the flippers on that particular side. Tapping at the top corners will nudge.

If you would like to play a fun, addictive and everything an app should be; try Pinball Arcade. With the added information, the mission and the tutorials which add a depth of playable game, I’m sure you can’t wait to place your hands on the game.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Pinball Arcade, its’ developers are now offering Tales Of The Arabian Nights™ for free!

Pinball Arcade includes nice exact recreations of the all-time greatest pinball tables from Williams®, Bally®, Stern Pinball®, and Gottlieb® together in one game. Every flipper, bumper, sound effect, and display pixel has been painstakingly emulated in astonishing detail.

However, users will access regular updates monthly that will add on classic pinball tables for purchase.

Pinball Arcades’ goal is to become the most realistic and comprehensive pinball game ever created. Please support its efforts to preserve these tables and join the indelible part of Americana that is pinball!

It is available for FREE on Google play for Android phone running on Android version 2.2 or later.


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Google play comments (12,398)!

Pinball Arcade is a cool game for real pinball fans. It is well received.

Average Rating: Three.8/5 Star.

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