Photo Blur Magnify

Photo Blur MagnifyMake your photos blur with Photo Blur Magnify Android App.

Most of us have cameras that can only take good photos, but they aren’t good enough to add effects like blur to the images. While devices that have this kind of features are usually very expensive! So, what do you do when you want your images have a blur effect just like those which are captured using professional cameras.

It is possible to achieve blurring effect on photos, but most use computer software’s which require skill to use like the Adobe Photoshop CS6, and I believe you don’t need to go that far! With Photo Blur Magnify Android app, all your problems are taken care off. It is most advanced Photo Blur tool to blur photos with Magnifying glass to correctly identify areas of photo that need to be blurred. The app lets you blur Photo Backgrounds or Subjects in Photos by accurately displaying Blur Brush Path in Magnifying Glass.

It cost you nothing to use Photo Blur Magnify since it’s available on Google play for free. However, it is easy to use, therefore no skill required. By just having it installed on your phone, you can blur any photo in your gallery as long as you wish. Just select a Photo you want to blur, start blurring the photo using touch and watch the blur path on magnifying glass to accurately blur the photo. The zoom feature will help you blur switch making your job much easier.

Use advanced Photo editing tools like Undo, Redo, Brush Size and more to accurately blur photos. Once you are convinced your photo looks good, save and Share Blurred Photos with friends and family.

Download the Photo Blur Magnify app now and start blurring photo subjects or Photo backgrounds of your photos for Instagram or other social sites.


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User reviews: most reviewers said the app can do the blur well enough just as those of professionals.

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