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One touch Drawing IconOne touch Drawing is a unique vector graphics application that’s intuitive and fast, but it lacks a few features for those looking for a professional graphic design app. Many people have the experience playing this kind of game (over 30 million players on the globe). This game lets users draw on their Android smartphone either with their finger or a stylus pen.

However, the game has a plan. There are simple rules that users have to follow and they includes as follows; Users are supposed to draw given figures with only one touch. There you will agree with me that the rule is simple but one other difficult task that users must do is ‘not to draw twice the same line’!

The game has got 200 levels and the developer will soon add more, if Ecapyc Inc is right. As you play the game, you will tend to increase the difficulty level after completing levels. There is one special mode named as Survival mode. This Survival mode never accepts any mistake, therefore, one mistake, and game over!

According to clear levels, new lines and points like below will make it difficult.

  • Line that must be passed twice.
  • One directional line.
  • Warp point.
  • Direction trigger.


  • 200 amazing levels, all free.
  • Supports every resolution.
  • Share your solution on Facebook.

The UI is clean and crisp and it doesn’t take a long time to learn how to use the app. There are not a lot of options as the app is focused on letting users draw shapes with their finger instead of selecting from a list. If you can’t draw a perfect circle, line or square this app helps you, and when you drawn correctly, each shape is automatically adjusted so that it looks neat instead of sloppy. Text however can be added simply by tapping on the screen twice.

There’s even more editing features tucked away in the lower toolbar. You will be able to edit color lines, change the colors of objects, add arrows and dashed lines and alter the text font. It’s also possible to add photos from a photo album, but there doesn’t appear to be any neat photo filter effects.

Draw a One touch is a nice easy-to-use app, It has all the basics for beginners though and it’s quite a bit cheaper than most apps similar to it. If you’d like to try it out first, download Draw a One touch HD for free in the Google market.


One touch Drawing screenshot One touch Drawing screenshot One touch Drawing screenshot One touch Drawing screenshot


One touch Drawing

User Reviews:

Google play comments (29,837)!

Draw one touch puzzle game is super fun and therefore can be played by players of different ages.

Average Rating: Four.5/5 Star!

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