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OfficeSuite ProOfficeSuite Pro:

There are a multitude of different word processing apps for Android devices out on the market. While none can mimic exactly what you would get on a computer, there are a few that come pretty close. OfficeSuite Pro is one of those apps.

At $14.99, OfficeSuite Pro adds those extra features that you would expect from a paid app. Most free apps only allow you the basic features, while OfficeSuite Pro gives you more complex add-ons like the ability to edit headers, footers, PowerPoint slides, and the bulk of the document. The most important thing though is the fact that it go from start to finish. You can create, edit, print, and share documents straight from the app, which some of the free apps do not allow.

And to be fair, it’s not like $14.99 is a whole lot of money for high quality. A nearly-complete word processing app, especially for a tablet, could be a worthwhile investment, especially considering programs for computers can cost just too much.

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