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OfficeSuite Pro IconOfficeSuite Pro is exactly what it claims to be it is; an Office suite for your mobile device. It is also one that has been pre-loaded onto more than 50 million devices, so it must be good.

Included in the suite is the full range of office tools you’d expect from a suite; Word processor, Spreadsheet utility, Presentation app, as well as a PDF viewer.

While the layout isn’t stunning, it is clean, easy to use, and free of clutter. The menus are large and simple, which makes selecting your options easier. Such options might be to create or open a document, or create a folder.

The folder view is very clean, and displays all the important details about each file without making you use your fingers unnecessarily. Likewise, editing a document is simple and easy to do, allowing you to align your fonts, change the formatting, or mess with all the usual aspects of document editing that you’d expect. The app also supports a wide range of file formats, including DOCX!

OfficeSuite Pro also provides support for a lot of online storage options, including Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, allowing you to easily move between working from your mobile device, and working on your computer.

Other features of note are the ability to print, PDF conversion, spell check, and WiFi Direct support. It also claims to be the only Android mobile office app that allows the opening of password-protected files. The choice of fonts is a little basic, but you do have the option to add more font packs (albeit at a price).

A nice addition to OfficeSuite’s selling points is that the app has different design layouts for phones and tablets, and chooses which one to use automatically based on the size of your screen.

All in all, OfficeSuite Pro is a functional app that does its job well. It’s pricey by usual app standards, but on par for other apps of this kind. There is a free OfficeSuite Viewer, but, as the name suggests, there’s no editing capabilities in that app. You can, however, download a trial version of the app before you buy. However, if you decide to buy right away without first checking with the trial one then; it’s going for US$ 14 on Google play market. I pimped in the market place and it requires Android version 2.2 or later. Please, keep note of that.


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Google Play reviews (14,560)!

Most users go for Officesuit pro, the paid even when the free version is readily available. In my point of view, the app is worth the price and they are contented with its services.

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