Put your favorite widgets in a notification, for easy access Android 5.0 devices

NotifidgetsNotifidgets creates a semi-permanent notification that contains the widget or widgets of your choice. This allows you to access the privileged widget without unlocking your device. Just about any widget can be embedded in the notification bar with this app, though some are naturally more appropriate than others. The widgets are mostly static, but at least some degree of interactivity is present: the Gmail widget won’t scroll through messages, but you can open individual messages or start a new one by tapping the appropriate areas.

Android 5.0 has a nice interface that has left users addicted to it, but the truth is most of them have been missing the lock screen widgets in this advanced Android version. The new placement of notifications in that space has left no room for widgets. Don’t be troubled any more, developer Udell Enterprises hopes to fix that with an app called, appropriately, Notifidgets.

However, before installing this beautiful app, it is good to note a few points that I guess it is important for you to know.

  1. This free download is a 7-day trial. After your trial period expires, there’s a one-time US$0.99 in-app purchase to continue using the app.
  2. Some widget features, such as scrolling, are not available in the notification.
  3. And a very few widgets simply don’t work at all. Please email us if you find one of these, and we’ll see what we can do.
  4. Bottom line: try the widgets you want to use before paying to end your trial period!

Notifidgets Usage Tips

  • To expand the notification (and see your widgets), try either pulling down on it, or a pinch-zoom gesture.
  • Depending on your lock screen configuration, widget content may or may not be available without unlocking your device.
  • Some widgets lend themselves better than others to the space available in a notification – please use common sense.



User reviews: Users found Notifidgets app useful, they have commented well about it in the play store.

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