Nokia to release its first Android device this month |

BZ8QULBCEAA2RLz-640x564An English man said, “If you can’t beat them, join them!” It is very clear that Nokia, a once king of cellphones in emerging markets, things are not looking good for them as far as their business is concerned. According to a story recently published by the Wall Street Journal, Nokia plans to release a phone running Android later this month, expected to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress industry trade show starting Feb. 24.

Known as Nokia Normandy; it seems that Nokia doesn’t plan to put Google Play on the device or even any of Google’s services, similarly to Amazon’s Kindle products. Choosing instead to focus on services provided by Microsoft and Nokia. In line with recent @evleaks shared just over a month ago, the UI of the upcoming Nokia Normandy is also said to be closely related to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. If it so, then we should expect a device that probably will support both Nokia’s store and Microsoft app store for windows; just to give it a fair view of it.  An example of the apps that will be featured include – Here maps and services from Microsoft.

Nokia’s decision to bring in an Android powered phone in the market is driven by the fact that both Microsoft and Nokia may have miscalculated in the mobile market. For technical reasons, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system doesn’t yet support the low-end smartphones, unlike Android OS, that have become big sources of growth, particularly in emerging markets.

In India, for instance, Android was installed on 93% of smartphones shipped in 2013, or 41 million devices, according to an estimate provided by International Data Corp. While only 4% for the windows smartphones.

Google on the other hand is yet to point out its thought on the Nokia’s move.



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