Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale – Online Role Playing Game!

RPG Ninja iconNinja Action RPG: Ninja Royale – Fight! Quest! Heist!

Battle, collect weapons, explore the world and more in this top-ranking ninja action RPG! For a limited time: Hit the ground running with free gift items ($2 value)!

During game play, battle formidable foes with attack combos and cunning moves in action-packed combat, strategically upgrading and fusing weapons. Explore multiple worlds packed with hundreds of items and rewards, and join a near-constant stream of exciting events that feature raid bosses and arena battles. Greet other players with friendly messages, or ambush and attack them and steal their treasure!

Initially, your ninja is rapidly gaining strength and gets the necessary elements for fighting and weapons. All the bonuses are valid for a few hours, so you can understand the principle of the ninja rpg game, and easily overcome the first obstacles in the missions and battles.

Talking about Missions, in the end it brings 3 – 4 important elements necessary for the struggle. In some missions, the players must pass certain check-points along the way and collect the valuable relics or items or weapons to defeat the enemy. Beware, opponents can challenge you to a battle in which you have to control your ninja by clicks & slides. With one click in the direction of the enemy you will throw a Japanese throwing weapon syuriken and to defend with a sword you can swipe on the screen. Depending on the damage, your fighter gets an extra bonus to the main victorious.


  •    Ever-evolving battle fighting system that utilizes taps and slashes.
  •    Stunning clan avatars based on animals ranging from wasps (“Yellowjack”) to rhinos (“Crash”).
  •    Powerful weapon upgrade and weapon fusion system.
  •   Four types of events that draw thousands of RPG players each time.
  •    New features and weapons on an ongoing basis — all completely free!
  •   Get your star on – download Ninja Royale today!

By the way, the battle system remains constant throughout the ninja game. Moreover, it is important to know that the number of rounds in a single battle is limited, and depending on your resources you can increase their number for a certain period of time.

Control in the ninja game “Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale” is commendable, the only negative. Graphics design is pleasant enough.

Finally, thousands of players on a server are gathered to explore each other and the world. Especially important in this category of games is the basis of the interaction. Although you can enjoy MMORPGs without much contact with other players, sooner or later you will have to rely on each-other to succeed.

Join others by installing this game. It’s available on Google play for FREE!

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Google Play Reviews (68,927)!

“A very addictive game, intense PvP and cute graphics; Our rating: 4.8 / 5” – Best Android Game

“Simple controls, fun to play on a break” – Android App Rundown

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