Moto Body

Stay active and live better with the new Moto Body APP!

Moto Body ICONMoto Body is a fitness app made specifically for the Moto 360 smartwatch. It tracks your activity, offers personalized insights, and keeps you moving with daily progress notifications to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

It’s not particularly interesting in terms of features(probably you have come a cross similar apps with more features that this one), but because it’s made specifically for only a few watch models, it might be a little more accurate than Google Fit and similar apps.

The Moto Body companion phone app graphs your weekly, monthly, and yearly Heart Activity, steps, and calorie burn data to help you analyze your trends over time. Plus, it offers personalized insights, tips, and helpful articles.

The power of Moto Body and a Moto 360 watch brought together, gives you the following features:

  • Track your daily Heart Activity, steps, calorie burn and distance.
  • Measure your heart rate on-demand.
  • Track your progress over time.
  • Receive valuable insights related to your goals and learn from tips and articles.
  • Get timely and meaningful notifications throughout the day.

Moto Body app is compatible with all Android 4.3 or later devices, and it is free to download on Google play store.


Moto Body screenshot 2Moto Body screenshot 3

User reviews: Moto Body app has received positive reviews on Google play store, also good rating.

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