Mother sues Google over kids’ apps after son buys $65 worth of In-app Purchase.

Mother sues Google over kids’ apps after son buys $65 worth of In-app Purchase.Are you a parent with kid(s) below the age of 5 years? If that kind of a child gets hands on your Android device, hit on the play store ICON, and make some in-game purchases that sums up to something above $69, what would be your reaction? Would you be quick to punish your kid? And if yes, how would you do it? Don’t even think about, because young ones does not understand this things!

In the US, New York City, one mother has filed a lawsuit on behalf of other parents across the U.S., claiming the Google Play store is full of games and apps that lure children into spending real currency.

The lawsuit, filed on Friday in San Francisco, claims the woman’s five-year old son spent the money while playing “Marvel Run Jump Smash!” on a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and accuses Google of unjust enrichment and violating consumer protection laws.

This lawsuit against Google, follows a successful one against Apple, which aims at recovering some of that money.

Last year, Apple was caught up with a similar case, on an app going by the titled “bait apps” where saw Apple pay a charge of $5 Million to settle the case; also paid $32.5 Million fine on a different case early this year.

Play store users usually enters a password to make a purchase, which stays open for at least 30 minute “window” following an initial purchase. During this period, the game developer can offer users an opportunity to buy things without re-entering the password, and most probably is the user is a child, money would be used without the knowledge of the parent.

For instance, the image below shows a screenshot of an Android game that offers a bulk purchases of up to $99.99. For small children, this is just numbers on screen but it is the parent who will feel the pain of dollars draining dollars out of their credit card. Take a look!





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