Monkey King Escape

Monkey King EscapeDASH YOUR WAY THROUGH HEAVEN! – Play as the lengendary Monkey King and evade capture from the almighty Jade Emperor of Heavenly Kingdom.

Monkey King Escape is a new infinite runner out of Ubisoft that features some colorful graphics, fun cartoons, and of course, that always addictive infinite runner style. It’s fairly run of the mill when compared to others, but it’s still a great game for kids and adults who love animals.

Angered by the Jade Emperor’s refusal to grant him an honorable place among the gods, the Monkey King gobbled down the precious Peaches of Immortality he was assigned to protect.

Only YOU can help him navigate the treacherous Heavenly Garden with the Emperor’s armies hot on his furry heels!

The game has a variety of environments to play through, where you’ll collect coins, fight enemies in quick-time combat, and more. You can transform into different animals to enhance your different abilities, allowing you to run faster or fly. There are two abilities that will be available for a limited time that let you transform into a sheep or a lion, if that’s your sort of thing.

  • BECOME THE MONKEY KING and learn his amazing powers
  • RUN, JUMP, SLIDE, FLY… and dash your way through Heaven!
  • DEFEAT EPIC BOSSES in exciting one on one fights
  • TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS to wield their special powers!
  • Enjoy beautiful and colorful HD GRAPHICS
  • UNLOCK 4 additional playable characters
  • COLLECT boosts and power-ups
  • HELP your friends, or COMPETE against them for the high score!

You can get Monkey King Escape from the Play Store right now. It can be downloaded through data connection, no Wi-Fi is needed to play! The game is free to download, though it does offer in-app purchases.


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User reviews: This game was received well on Android, users who play this game give it positive recommendations.


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