Mobile OCR

The Mobile OCR app (optical character recognition) allows you to easily scan documents, business cards, and anything else with text you want copied to your phone’s clipboard.

The UI is extremely simple: take a picture from the app, or select one from your phone’s gallery. It also integrated with the app, and successfully pulled text off the PDF stored on my Box account, which is impressive. I also scanned text off a TV screen by lowering the exposure on the camera. There are tons of tasks you may encounter for which this app is useful: pulling long quotes out of books for term papers, taking a quick snapshot of a recipe out of your friend’s cookbook, and, for teachers and students, cleaning up the text off of old photocopies. It is a great tool especially for scanning documents if you work on-location and don’t have a computer nearby.

The greatest part of this app is its ease of use. Only four easy to read buttons on the main screen, and no unnecessary settings menu. Even the pop-up on the free viersion has an obvious ignore button. The text is added to the phone ‘s clipboard, allowing the user to easily paste it in a text, email, or document right away.

On a few occasions, open-parenthesis became a capitol C, and the digit “1” became I, but overall the translation was very accurate. Mostly, it is the quality of the photograph that may impede the performance of this app.

There is one area where this app can improve, and that is the number of clippings it stores: one. I would appreciate this app much more if it included a history for each text conversion. Until this feature is added, I will say it is only almost perfect.

The PRO version, for $3.99, makes over twenty-five languages available, and elminates the pop-up and ads (which are already minimal). You can also unlock the pro version for free just by writing a quick review on the marketplace and shooting the developer an email. But if you have the cash, I’d these developers are worth supporting.

Screenshots:Mobile OCRMobile OCRMobile OCRMobile OCR

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