Misfit Link

Misfit Link ICONMisfit Link is a new software experience that makes your wearable an even more powerful tool to control and connect with the world around you. It lets you use your not-quite-a-smartwatch as a music controller, presentation remote, or (sigh) a selfie button for your phone’s camera, in addition to the usual activity tracker functions. The app is compatible with most popular music services and it also works with the Misfit Flash device.

About Link

Link is an easy-to-use activity tracker and smart button. A low priced, modular, and multi-functional wearable, Link gives users even more ways to connect with the world around them. Use any Flash or Link with the Misfit Link app to take a selfie, control your music (pause, play, skip songs, adjust the volume), or advance slides in a presentation. Buy it now on misfit.com for only $19.99.

Misfit Link New Features

  • Add multiple button functions to a single Link. Now you can take a selfie, play/pause music, and find your phone with the same button!
  • Trigger your phone to ring via your Flash. Great to get out of a meeting or bad date! #putaringonit
  • Wear your light switch! Use Misfit Flash or Link to turn Misfit Bolt on or off

Supports Android 5.0+ devices with BLE capability


Misfit Link ScreenshotMisfit Link Screenshot 2

User reviews: Doing great on Android.

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