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Mini Golf MatchUp Mini Golf MatchUp is a highly enjoyable asynchronous multiplayer game that pits random opponents and Facebook friends against each other across a variety of courses. With a seemingly endless number of competitors and a bunch of gold stars to collect, we’re here to help with this cheats and tips guide. Created by Scopely – Top Free Apps and Games LLC, the game has become very addictive for both Android and iOS users. On the Android platform, the game is available FREE of charge, and there in a special treat for new user. New users who download and install this game are welcomed warmly by FREE COINS.

For the super fans, challenge your friends to the world’s best mobile mini golf game, featuring fun courses, 3D graphics, score-boosting collectible gems, crazy slopes, turns, jumps and ramps, par-saving do overs, an unbeatable putting mechanic, and instant rematches. Available FREE!

Mini Golf MatchUp boasts of stunning, hand-designed 3D graphics, creative and challenging course designs, and the app’s original pull-back game mechanic make the gameplay enjoyable, satisfying, and addictive! Over 70 holes across 5 courses allow for endless fun on both Android Smartphones and Tablets! Beginners can start out with the Simple Summer course for a relaxed, casual game of mini golf. While experience users turn up the heat and enjoy some hardcore stuff on one of unlockable premium courses for a PGA-level pro golf challenge. With countless obstacles including dinosaurs, octopuses, pyramids, sand traps, lakes, sharks, and sweet jumps, there’s no end to the action-packed sports puzzle adventure of Mini Golf MatchUp.


  •  Play against friends and family anywhere in the world
  •  5 fun courses, over 70 holes, dozens of crazy obstacles
  •  Connect with friends from Facebook, Twitter or SMS
  •  Chat with buddies via in-game messaging
  •  Simple, drag-and-release gameplay mechanic
  •  Realistic physics and ball movement
  •  Unlockable premium courses, with new content coming!
  •  Play several games at once
  •  Do overs to help you make par
  •  Collectible gems to boost your score

Mini Golf MatchUp lets you go head to head with friends and family, where you can find out who owns the golf course and who’s just pretending to be a pro. Chat with new friends via the in-game chat messaging feature! Want to find your friends who are already playing or invite new ones to join? Full Facebook integration makes it possible.

This awesome game can be downloaded on Google play, and it varies with devices.


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User reviews:

Google play comments (93,131)!

The strictly multiplayer affair game that all players can play anonymously, has received almost 100,000 positive reviews from fans on the Google play store.

Average rating: Four.5/5 star on Google play store.

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