Microsoft Send, for Office 365

Microsoft Send for Office 365 ICONMicrosoft Send, for Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s off-the-wall Garage projects, and it’s designed to both look and act like an instant message client. The idea is to make cumbersome email more comfortable to people who are used to texting.

Microsoft Send, for Office 365 formatting does away with extraneous information like subjects or signatures they say, it’s just quick, natural conversations. Unfortunately, it only works with Microsoft’s Office 365 email system.

How Microsoft Send, for Office 365 works:

Just sign in with the work or school account you already use to access Office 365, and you’re ready, set, go.

You see only the messages started in Send—not your entire email inbox. But since Send is based on email, you can message anyone with an email address. No additional sign up steps and the people you message can respond from anywhere, even if they don’t have the app.

Delirious, yet?

This also means the conversation doesn’t have to stop when you put down your phone. Send messages are delivered to your email inbox, too. Letting you respond from your computer, when it tickles your fancy.

Send often, send freely, send happy, with Microsoft Send, for Office 365. Download it for FREE on Google play store


Microsoft Send for Office 365 Screenshots Microsoft Send, for Office 365 Screenshot 2

User reviews: Android users have already started commenting about his app on Google play store, some have been posting their suggestions hoping they will be put into effect.


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