Microsoft officially acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services for $7.17 billion.

Microsoft officially acquire Nokia's Devices & Services for $7.17 billion.Microsoft, a software giant, has remained on the lead over the past years and still is in the PCs software development industry. The company has always worked in focus to better their own windows operating system which was received well on the PC platform, where their most current OS being windows 8.  In the recent years, Microsoft has not been able to hide their interest in hardware line of business. More especially, in the Smartphones & Tablets industry. Where, according to statistics, it has received steady growth as compared to PCs.  We saw it introduce their very own Tablets devices called Surface Tablets, running Windows 8 and so it was go even farther to manufacture cellphone!

Yesterday, the 2nd of September, Microsoft announced that they have acquiring substantially all of Nokia’s devices and services business for $5 billion. The company will also license Nokia’s patents and mapping assets for another $2.17 billion making the complete deal worth $7.17 billion cash money. It has been rumoured not ones since Microsoft and Nokia first partnered together to make Windows Phone devices, and now it has officially happened.

Microsoft says the transaction will close in the Q1 2014, pending approval by shareholders and regulatory approval.

The deal is a slap in the face to HTC, among other handset manufacturers. Like, the HTC 8X which played a central role hardware element of Microsoft’s Windows 8 phone launch, but overall the Lumia name emerges synonymous with Windows Phone.

Windows Phone ranks third among smartphone platforms, with a tiny 3.2 percent in May. Where Android and iOs tops the list.

From Google’s perspective, the fight for the mobile market share remains unshaken. Android activation numbers are steadily increasing, and in terms of global marketplace user still heavily favor Google’s Android OS. It is obvious that Google & Microsoft will never make good friends when it comes to making deals around mobile, and we can expect to see more of the same with Microsoft move on the helm of Nokia.

Nokia’s current CEO, Stephen Elop, will become Nokia Executive Vice President of Devices & Services, working for Microsoft.

Microsoft officially acquire Nokia's Devices & Services for $7.17 billion.

Despite the fact that many consider that Nokia’s future is more likely to be found in its low-end Asha devices than in the high-end Lumia product line. We think that this is great move by Microsoft making them closer than ever in turning the phones into mobile PCs. I can imagine my phone plugged into a keyboard and becoming a PC and to be able to carry all my powerful programs and personal data really into a pocket. That may be a game changer for Android and iOS that are still missing the powerful software apps.

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