Marshall London phone

So Zound Industries introduced the Marshall London phone – device created for musicians and music fans. That is the first device of its kind and as a music apps developer I decided to contact them and to offer something more for the musicians using the phone.

Thanks to the great people at Zound who responded fast and after few weeks of tests and work I have my apps polished and sounding great on Marshall phones.

Now I am happy to inform you that if you own a Marshall London phone or plan to get one – you may use my 3 best apps free and with no ads on your device.

Here are the apps:

Fine Chromatic Tuner  Fine Chromatic Tuner  – no ads on Marshall London phones

logo512  Guitar Tabs X – no ads and dark on Marshall phones

Sonic Synthesizer  Sonic Synthesizer – no ads and better response on Marshall phones


So make good music and enjoy your phone!


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