Machinarium puzzle game

Machinarium IconMachinarium is a full adventure game where players take up the role of a robot that has been exiled scrap yard. The puzzle point and click game was developed by Amanita designs and was released on 10th May, 2012 for Android. The game uses animated thought bubbles and as the game progresses, players receive a hint that is, a hint per level and in advanced stages, the hints becomes undefined. In the game, players are expected to uses high skills and play based on logic, collecting important items, and solve environmental puzzles like adventure quests which will enable the small robot to get to Machinarium City to save the head of the city and his fellow robot-girl friend.

Background graphics and characters are 2D hand-drawn which gets better an hour of carefully crafted animations. The game music is 100 per cent original composed by Floex (Samorost2 OST). Machinarium game can be purchased on Google play at $5 USD.












User reviews

Machinarium was well received right from its release; its good sound track keeps the moral of players playing one time and again. It has retained a rating of around 4.42 star out off 5 star.


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