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Lively 1Lively; The new way to be there when actually you’re not!

Dean Graziano has come up with a delightfully simple music discovery application. The Seattle start up known as LIVELY is looking to transform the experience of how you record your concert videos or audios as it launched an app for Android and iOS. You can also get the replays of the performances immediately the show ends.

“Each live show is so thrilling that you just want to capture the experience, that’s why we came up with a better way.” said Graziano in a press conference.

The high quality audio and video can be viewed through the Lively free app. The download of bands and concert venues as a software can be done onto tablets and then plugged into the audio booth. Hence the download is then uploaded through the Lively app to users immediately after the show, but the video performances are available 24 hrs after the show. Lively captures the essence of live shows as they are unique and special experience, it’s like taking a show home with you where you can replay it as much as you like. It’s a solution found for what fans have been looking up to when it comes to live concerts. You can also share with your friends as Lively has already done all the capturing of the concert for you.

Lively is now a universal app for iPhone and iPad users and any issue with scrolling is fixed, call it “bootlegging 2.0” on version 1.2.0

 Notable Features on the Android version

  • Get new live music
  • Listen offline
  • Quality audio and video capture than your phones megapixel
  • Steam your live concerts online
  • Get a collection of your live music concerts
  • Sharing of the video either on your TV or any other device
  • Get access to live concerts of your favorite bands
  • Get an access to Livelys entire library of live concerts
  • Discovery of new live music

This application is free for download, available on Google play store.


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User reviews

Well received on the Android platform.



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