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This is a professional social networking website founded in December 2002 and launched on May 5, 2003, and has finally set up an Android app (Thursday, April 7th, 2011). Initially, the app has been available in beta for a while. The latest version now lets in support for messages, and a new Reconnect button, that will help you suggests people you may know based on your profile title and current connections. LinkedIn app for Android apparently, includes all the features you would require, hence simplifying every thing for you by, connect with fellow LinkedIn users using your mobile handset.

LinkedIn app allows you to post status updates, view updates from your contacts, changes to people’s profiles, view your contact from your profiles & add new contacts as well, search for LinkedIn users, this can be either limited to your contacts, or it can go through the entire user base, and respond to invitations while you try to catch what is useful for you. The sharing and social features of the new app, will now let you share news updates to Twitter and comment on shared items. Also includes unified search across both direct connections and the entire LinkedIn network.

However, the app’s designer looks forward in improving its Android app, the coming versions by adding some more features to meet public demand which was collected during the public Beta as according to the app’s manager.

Uploads complete calendar!

The newest version of the LinkedIn app for Android allows users to add their own calendar so that they can be able to drag profile information about other meeting participants from the social site. As per an analysis by two security researchers at Sky cure Security, they alleged that once this feature is activated, the app uploads not only the meeting participants to the LinkedIn servers but all the other information about the user’s appointments as well.

Another new feature is the addition of the “People You May Know” feature, which provides suggestions for new connections.

Move rover, LinkedIn has promised to stop transferring information from meeting notes to its servers and to give users more information within the app about how their calendar data is being used.

Available on Google play, Download LinkedIn for Android for free, the other way to acquire this app is by just point your Android Smartphone to It requires android version 2.1 Fro-yo and up.

It is indeed a useful tool for professionals.

Hey, activate your professional network with the LinkedIn app for Android.

I.             Find and connect with over 175 million members worldwide.

II.            Stay in touch with people in your network.

III.           Sync your calendar to get LinkedIn profile information about the people you are meeting.

IV.          View and save recommended jobs.

V.            Read the latest industry news

VI.          Keep up-to-date with your groups.

VII.         Share content with your network from anywhere.

VIII.        Follow and learn more about companies.

N.B Syncing of your calendar is an opt-in feature. So calendar information is at no time stored on LinkedIn’s servers and is never used for purposes other than for matching with relevant LinkedIn profiles.










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LinkedIn mobile app is well received by users globally. Very useful app for professionals.

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