LG is set to introduce a new Android smartphone in 2014 which will always be on voice command. The company is stepping up its game in order to maintain its name in the market with the new voice command becoming the reliable feature in most tablets. The command technology will be able to navigate the phone allowing for hands free use of the device while driving. The good side of the new technology launched is that it’s at level far more advanced than the current capabilities and the chip can learn the owner’s voice so that no one else can be able to control it. Much of this function is from the native capabilities available with the Qualcomm snapdragon 800 and it won’t detriment the battery life. The voice command can search, set an alarm, dictate an email, zoom in and out of say Google Maps and also to switch view and pan around. Multiple sources renown to Got to be Mobile informed them that “Unlike the Apple’s Siri or the Google Now search, LG will implement their Voice command more broadly to help in the navigation functions.” The launch date remains uncertain but the Snapdragon 800 CPU will be made available towards the end of this year, but with a certain guess we can assume the arrival at maybe early 2014. LG has not uttered a word about it but the voice command is much of a logical step in the hands free world we are embarking on them to make it more advanced.

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