Kingsoft Office Free

Kings OfficeKingsoft Office Free:

On the free end of the word processing app spectrum is Kingsoft Office, a program that contains most of what you would hope to expect from a word processor, but with the convenience of that lovely F-word: free.

It opens most file extensions, allows you to edit your documents (including PowerPoints and spreadsheets), and it’s pretty smooth on most devices. It is an all-encompassing, user-friendly office suite for android devices that is available for all devices. You can even install it on your computer for free, and with the free cloud storage support, you can share your documents on all of your devices. This review, for example, can be shared from my computer, to my phone, to my tablet, and it would be a breeze.

Even without the Android compatibility, Kingsoft Office is still a great substitute for Microsoft Office on the PC, since its user-friendly interface allows for easy, smooth use with all of the amenities. Because what you want from your software is usability, not frustration.

Kings Office


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