Kindergarten Kids Learning

Kindergarten Kids LearningKindergarten Kids Learning could be the best app on Android for kids, try it today since it’s free on Google play store!

Learning games/puzzle activities for kindergarten & preschool children. This game is available on Android devices, and is useful for kids aged 2-5 years.

Developed by Greysprings Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kindergarten Kids Learning was launched on android in September 3, 2014, after becoming hit on other platforms like windows PC & windows phone.

This free app can be download freely on Google play, sized 46MB it is preferably better to use Wi-fi to save on data.

Kindergarten Kids Learning is the right android app for your kids which teaches kids Alphabets charts/quiz, numbers charts/quiz, rhymes, playground, and educational charts. It has basically everything taught in kindergarten schools. By installing this app, it’s like creating a kindergarten school into your smartphone/tablet for your kinds.

Kindergarten Kids Learning wears simple interface which does require much help for a kid who’s able to touch/slide on tablet screen.

The interactive learning is a great mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners.

This app will teach your child listening skills, reading skills, math’s etc.


  • Alphabets charts/quiz
  • Numbers charts/quiz
  • Rhymes like wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle little star, Mary had a little lamb and many more!
  • Playground
  • Educational charts

Kindergarten Kids Learning android app still needs a few tweaks more especially in the Rhymes section. Images in this version do not respond to touches. Unlike on other platforms, a song like “wheels on the bus” the wheels on the bus will actually go round as kids sing along. Also, in this version, the song lyrics are not provided. These are some of the features android misses, we hope to see updates for them.

Kindergarten Kids Learning can be installed on Android versions 2.3.3 or higher.


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User reviews: Kindergarten Kids Learning is well received on the android platform.


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