Kids Paintings Coloring Book for Android phones

Book IconKids Paintings Coloring Book by ENYSOFT is a software for kids just  as the name suggests. Helps to choose suitable colors to each picture and so children can draw and color with ease and quickly even if they are not conversant with touch screen technology. With time they will naturally and systematically learn how to work with colors. The beauty that we see around is all about colors; think of building structures, the cars, name them, all apply color combination to provide colorful, attractive images.

Have you ever thought how the world would be if there was only one type of color, everywhere? May be white or red? Of cause it would have been a boring place to leave. Mixing several colors results to perfect shades for particular designs. It is not a simple task, I tell you. Well, I didn’t know that until when I decided to come up with just a simple painting but I never succeeded. I came to realized some days latter that some colors work hand in hand while others won’t. For instance, a simple example of the common colors that match nice are; black & white, white & red, and green, yellow & blue etc

Nevertheless, you don’t have to consume all your time wondering which type of painting colors to use on your new diagrams. Kids Painting Coloring Book will simplify turn everything into fun and enjoyable, playing with colors to create wonderful designs, pictures, and drawings. Hey, parents, your children need your assistance on this! Be supportive by providing your kids with mobile device. Help them express their thoughts and feelings as much as they want. Even so,don’t forget to keep watch or give guideline so that they may end up disappointing you.

The default language of the app is English but you can customize to French during setup installation. However, the app entails two modes: Real finger painting and the machine fills – useful when touching.

Understand the power of paintings using a genuine app like this, where you get fantastic lineaments like;

  • 80 plus cute image to color
  • Variety of neat designs
  • A white background for your kids (free drawing)
  • Automatic coloring magic pen
  • Run on both phone and tablet
  • Twinkling stars appear
  • Share your pictures when done

Simple color picker is used as default, go to reference to make advance picker and set as default. This app is absolutely FREE!! Available at Google play store.


 Screenshot 2Screenshot 1

User reviews:

Kris, a user, refers to Kids Paintings Coloring Book as a, “real coloring app” on Google play. He said, “Been looking for a realistic coloring app that will make the kinds stroke to color, not merely clicking on an area like Photoshop paint.”



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