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KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text IconKakaoTalk Free Calls & Text is a downloadable software application for mobile devices that allows its users to send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice messages, URL links, and contact information, both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, all for free.  To use the application, you only need to enter your phone number without registering or logging-in. It is the world’s best smartphone messenger for FREE calls and text.  It features high-quality sound for group calls and schedule appointments in your chat room. Download now and enjoy animated emoticons, stickers, and themes – completely free!

Statistics shows that more than 81 million users worldwide are currently using KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text app on phone. It is fast, fun, easy way to communicate with friends & family. Available on variety of platforms from Android  to iOS to BlackBerry to Windows OS, and Bada.


This application boasts of many features. One standing feature is that, you cannot use two different phone numbers with one email account simultaneously. If you connect to same Kakao account with different phone number, the previous KakaoTalk service will be deleted.

If you change your phone number and then connect to same Kakao account through the new verification process, the previous KakaoTalk service will be deleted.

You can check for more features below!

  • Send FREE messages & enjoy unlimited calls (HD)
  • Make high-quality group voice calls
  • Create your own group chat (unlimited # of friends)
  • Schedule appointments, lunches, gatherings (w/ reminders)
  • Get creative using animated emoticons & custom themes
  • Have fun during calls with Talking Tom & Ben’s voice filters
  • Share multimedia content: videos, photos, voice notes, etc.
  • Make friends with top celebrities (K-Pop & local)
  • Add to the fun with mobile games
  • Plus friend (allows you to receive special contents and updates from your favorite artists by adding them)


KakaoTalk’s free call feature is a mVoIP feature that enables users to call each other once the connection has been established in the chart-room  Call quality will be better when used in Wi-Fi. When used in 3G network, you might incur operator data charges or internet access fees. KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text does not require any additional “in application” purchase.


  • It is hard to notice an incoming call on KakaoTalk app,  calling feature lets users to talk in chart-rooms  and so all requests come as push alerts. May be before calling, try sending a message to the person you wish to call.
  • As this app solely relies on internet connection, a call can be suddenly disconnected on KakaoTalk if there is a problem in network connection on either side.

In conclusion, KakaoTalk’s overall performance is welcoming. The app is readily available on Google play at no charge. You can try it if you device run Android 1.6 or later.


KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text Screenshot KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text Screenshot KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text Screenshot KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text Screenshot










User Reviews:

Google play comments (1,094,672)!

KakaoTalk Free Calls & Text is one of the most downloaded free app on Google play.

Average Rating: Four.5/ 5 stars on Google play.






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