Kaboom Drum Pads

Kaboom Drum Pads

Kaboom Drum Pads

We are happy to announce our app Kaboom Drum Pads wich is the natural extension of the our Drum Beats Metronome and a great addon to our music production apps. It is a FREE app !

Kaboom drum Pads is a drum sequencer app that comes with 7 predefined beats and gives you the power to create your own drum beats. Every beat can have a one time intro bar and a loop part and can be played at a 60 to 220 BPM range.

You can add and remove bars and edit the 5 tracks of the drum set. Just like in a drum machine.

Every beat you create can be saved on the SDCard of your device in a plain text file format that is very close to a real drum tab. So you can read it or even edit it in any text editor app on phone or PC.

Kaboom Drum Pads Features:

  • 7 preloaded drum beats in various music styles
  • Tempo settings from 60 to 220 bpm
  • 4/4 and 3/4 metrics
  • sequencer with 5 tracks: kick drum, snare drum, ride, hi-hat, crush
  • 2 to 3 levels of dynamics in the sequencer
  • add / remove bar
  • create new drum beat
  • delete drum beat
  • smooth and nice user interface
  • great sounding samples

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