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Recording more than one sound source? You’ll find software to simultaneously record everyone in your band or simply allow you to lay down your tracks and then mix them together. J4T Multitrack software is used for recording, so look in the Production Suite category if you want built-in synthesizers and drum machines with your recording suite. You might like to begin with our recommended selection of Google powered Software for Android.

J4T Multitrack is a four-track audio recording application that allows you to record audio on four independent channels. The application’s features include independent track volume control, adjustable sample rates, latency adjustment and a copying tool for moving audio between tracks. J4T Multitrack Recorder can import and export MP3 and WAV files. The application requires Android 2.0 or higher. It costs US$ 3.99 on the Google market.


  • Play & record on four tracks
  • Import & export wav and mp3
  • Share with apps like SoundCloud, Google Drive, Gmail, DropBox etc.
  • Adjustable samplerate.
  • Loop function
  • Metronome
  • Stereo panning
  • Copy-function for quick duplication.
  • Mix multiple tracks down to one to free up tracks
  • 4 FX per track: Fuzz, Chorus,Delay, Equalizer.
  • Track editing (cut/copy/paste/fade-in/fade-out)

However, the developers of J4T multitrack app, believes that, the app can take more features and therefore they are planning to include more audio effects, (phaser and reverb audio effects to be specific) and more editing features. This will be available upon the release of the next updates.

App’s Disfavors

  • If the tracks are out of sync,adjust the sync correction on the settings screen. This seems to work for most users, but there is also an option to manually sync after recording via Tracks/Sync.
  • With some phones/headphones the audio is routed to the speaker when recording. There is no fix for this other than trying with different headphones.
  • The app doesn’t work well on the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Spica, the Samsung Moment, and the Motorola Triumph.


J4T Multitrack recorder Screenshot J4T Multitrack recorder Screenshot J4T Multitrack recorder Screenshot J4T Multitrack recorder Screenshot


User Reviews:

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Based on the Google play comments, J4T Multitrack delivers all recording tasks perfectly.

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