Ivy (Sidebar, Widgets, RSS)

ivy-iconIvy is a sidebar app that allows you to quickly see your apps. Ivy does what no other sidebar launcher does. Ivy provides more than just quick access to your next app. Ivy provides a comfortable place to spend time in between apps.

You can have it launch from either the left or right side depending on your preferences. It is also customization to suite your individual tastes.

The quick panel provides snippets of valuable information to give you glimpses of the things you need to know without the need to go to another app. Stay up on news or stocks without ever needing to launch a specific app, or get the information you need from widgets without the need to go all the way to the home screen. The info you need is just a swipe away.

Ivy app is free to download if you want to check it out.



USER REVIEWS: It was well received on Google play store with positive reviews.

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