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iRig Recorder FREE iRig Recorder FREE is a powerful and flexible audio recording app for Android devices, which is convenient and easy to use. So if you are an Android user and you love recording things like songs, interviews, speech and sounds, this is the app for you. You can have a professional recording tool at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere, along with intuitive and practical editing functions and various export options to fit your audio needs.

Created by IK Multimedia US, LLC, it comes with full recording features, one effect (unlocked after registration), and complete file-transfer and export functions. By adding the All Functionalities Bundle via in-app purchase, you unlock the complete feature set, which includes waveform editing, and 7 more powerful and easy-to-use effects. Other in-app bundles, which let you add editing or the full effects lineup are also available.

However, this application works hand in hand with iRig MIC or iRig MIC Cast. Take iRig Recorder anywhere, along with either IK mic, to capture podcasts, interviews, concerts or any kind of sound in your world. If you already own a pro mic, you can use it with iRig Recorder by connecting it to your mobile device with iRig PRE, a mobile mic preamp.

After recording anything, use the intuitive editing tools to cut, crop or loop your audio to make it perfect. The powerful effects processors optimize tone for speech or music, clean up background noise, brighten your voice for clarity, smooth it in harsh or overly bright recordings, or change the speed of your tracks without affecting pitch.

The effects are awesome, perfect for musicians out there. Organizes your recordings by date and time and tags them with a geo location for easy and reliable file management. Recordings can be easily shared by e-mail and FTP, over Bluetooth, through USB cables, to internal storage, or via apps installed on the device. Files can be exported as CD-Quality WAV files, or as compressed .ogg files that range from 64 to 192 kbps.

iRig Recorder FREE features:

  • Convenient, easy-to-use mobile recording and editing app: just launch the app and press record!
  • The perfect companion to iRig MIC and iRig MIC Cast for your podcasts, interviews, concerts and field recordings
  • Record into iRig Recorder with your own mic, connected to your mobile device through our iRig PRE preamp.
  • One-touch recording
  • Optimize Volume effect (unlocked after registration) automatically sets the optimal level
  • Intuitive, non-destructive editing tools to cut, crop and loop your recordings (available via in-app purchase)
  • Pitch- and time-based effects let you change the speed of your recordings without affecting pitch, to adapt your audio content to other media such as video (available via in-app purchase)
  • Organizes your recordings by creation date and tags with geo location
  • Export files as compressed .ogg or uncompressed .wav
  • Recording time is only limited by the storage space on your Android device
  • 8 intelligent effects automatically optimize your recordings — no audio knowledge required! (Optimize Volume unlocked after registration; all other effects available via in-app purchase)

I prefer iRig Recorder FREE app over the built-in Android recorder due to the following capabilities

1. Optimize Volume: automatically adjusts for optimal volume

2. Optimize Tone: automatically adjusts for optimal equalization

3. Cleanup: automatically cleans up background noise

4. Brighten Voice: automatically increases clarity of speech and vocals

5. Smooth Voice: automatically smooths harsh or overly bright vocals

6. Speed Up: speeds up the recording without changing the pitch

7. Slow Down: slows down the recording without changing the pitch

8. Change Pitch: raises or lowers the pitch of the recording without changing duration

iRig Recorder FREE is available on Google play store for Android devices. But only Android OS 4.0 supports this, so before you download, take time to check its compatible your device.


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