Instagram just Introduced a gallery like Slideshow new Feature!

Now you can post 10 photos and videos on Instagram, in just one post!

Most Instagram users with large followings, at times find it hard to come up with the perfect photograph to share. Sometimes, it’s just not worth the risk of disappointing your audience. That state of mind works against Instagram’s growth targets — and that’s why the image-sharing app has introduced new features over the past year that move away from curated photography in favor of instant visual communication.

Now Instagram users will be able to share multiple photos and videos in a single posting, now  that the app has the ability to combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and to swipe through to view all photosl.


Posting multiple photos at once is something that will be familiar to users of Facebook, but it will now mean that Instagram users can now a share an event with friends online through just photos.

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