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iGag - The Best Gag App ICONiGag – The Best *Gag App

9GAG is your best source of fun. With it you can Share anything you find interesting, get real responses from people all over the world, and discover what makes you laugh. Featuring the best collection of Rage comics, memes, fail image, cute pets video, demotivational pictures, killing time just got a whole lot funnier.  Be forever alone no more! Share joke and funny photos with the world on Facebook, Twitter or email. Or browse and vote your way through picture on Hot, Trending and Vote, and leave comments

Have all the latest and funniest photos and videos on your Android phones! Full 9GAG experience on your device! Good for both Android smartphones and Tablets.

The app provides endless fun by enabling you to scroll through every existing image from Gag. No image is off-limits! Mobile Gag has never been so social, with Facebook, Twitter and E-mail integration you can finally share the laughter with your friends!

By its premium Features which are: Facebook Login, Search Gags, Removal of Advertisements, Upload Images without Banner; iGag is the first and best Fun app to browse the funniest pictures on Google Play, which has already more than 2,000,000 fans!

Other Features include:

  •  Hot, Trending, Vote, Random and Favorites Gags sections with endless images.
  • Fully zoomable High-Resolution images.
  •  Upload Images!
  •  NSFW Images
  •  Fullscreen Mode
  •  Light and Dark Themes
  •  Icecream Sandwish Interface
  •  Login on *Gag
  •  Like and Unlike images
  •  Autologin
  •  Logout
  •  Image sharing through Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.
  •  Caching for offline browsing!
  •  Caching in background for usability purposes.
  •  You can now save up to 200 Gags per Section into your Android for your offline enjoyment!
  •  Number of Votes on each Gag
  •  Save your 3G data by caching the images before you disconnect from your Wifi connection!
  •  Save the images to your device for a later viewing pleasure.
  •  Simple and Clean interface.
  •  Scrolling to provide a seemingless experience.
  •  Image caching to provide a smoother experience.
  •  Open *Gag links inside the app!
  •  Application resumes where you left off with 10 minutes apart.
  •  No *Gag Banners
  •  Long Click to Save Image

However, Gags team wants to impress their fans by adding some more flavour in the upcoming days. If they keep to their word, users will enjoy Gags statistics, view Flow image presentation, and Premium uploading of Images.


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Well received on Android platform.

Average Rating: Four.6/5 Star on Google play.

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