Hunters Gate

Hunters Gate ICONHunters Gate is a classic shooter game reinvented for a completely new arcade Daydream View VR experience! Blast your way through the town of Hunters Gate as either Forge (a lucky gunslinger) or Payne (a revenge driven mage) as you defend it from demon invasion – then take the fight to the demons by invading their home world!

Take down hordes of evil creatures as you run through a series of maze-like levels from a unique, almost 2.5D perspective. Your Daydream Controller gives you control of a set of crosshairs you can use to guide your character’s fire, and the more you progress with levels the more your character enhance to better handle the next wave of baddies.

So, once you are able to unlock and upgrade powerful weaponry, spells and Hunter Skills, you will be able to invade the demon world and destroy its overlord, Cephalos.

Despite being just a simple game, it is addictive and fun to play, Hunters Gate also offers co-op play over local Wi-Fi and hours upon hours of procedural content.

Only available on Daydream View compatible phones; visit Google play store to purchase the app at $5.91


Hunters Gate Screenshot 1


Additional information about Hunters Gate app.

Installs: 5,000 – 10,000

Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Offered By: Climax Studios

Developer Email:

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