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The HuntThe Hunt, going by the slogan, the cure for outfit envy, finally made its way on Android after rocking on the iOS platform. The Hunt app help people figure out what other people are wearing so they can get the same stuff. It is this reason that its audience and users have grown and still on growing at a fast rate.

Other than sharing outfit, it is also an online community intended to help hopeful shoppers seek out the mystery products they spy on social media. This feature has drawn the interest of great banks in the US like the Tyra Bank. This bank has invested in The Hunt so that when users crowdsource their knowledge, finding the exact item and similar options, they can actually buy it. With this app users can compare different price points or slight variations on a garment and settle product at a friendly price!

How it works!

Post a pic of what you’re looking for, and the community of over 3 million savvy shoppers will help you find it, style it, or buy it for less. Cute winter boots? Check. Covet worthy heels? Yep. Cozy sweaters? The community can find those, too.

As a member of The Hunt community, you can return the favor and help others with your own style expertise. Trade fashion tips, get advice, and discover new places to shop.

The Hunt is indeed the perfect for all your fashion needs


  • Start a Hunt: post a photo of anything, no matter the style, and find out where to buy it from the fashion forward community
  • Solve a Hunt: use your shopping skills to recommend products to others
  • Browse: see what’s on trend right now.
  • Shop around: find that look for less with the community’s advice


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User’s reviews: The Hunt has been receiving great reviews from its users, most them say that the app has helped them discover amazing fashion stores and have made a super online shop where “if you need a particular style, you are helped find it so quick!”


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