HTC announces the Desire Eye, 13MP RE camera and new software


HTC today in New York City announced a new high-end phone called the Desire Eye in its Double Exposure event. Also was launched is a new lifestyle camera nicknamed the RE, meaning it acts as the beginning of the company’s expansion beyond the mobile world, and few new software features that Android users can look forward to.


The features of the Desire Eye include:

  • The HTC Desire Eye is a 5.2-inch smartphone with specs very similar to the flagship One M8, only in a spiffy flat polycarbonate body — and with a 13-megapixel camera not just on the rear of the phone, but on the front as well. Yes, it’s the selfie phone. In the U.S., it’ll be available on AT&T.
  • New camera software on the Desire Eye will be coming to HTC’s other high-end devices in software updates in the coming months.
  • The HTC RE camera (which we’ll also refer to as the Re camera) is a little handheld camera very much the size and shape of an asthma inhaler (but much better designed, of course). It’s got a 16-megapixel Sony DSC sensor and a 146-degree field of view, tethers to Android or iOS phones or can shoot on its own. It’s just the start of the RE line and the beginning of HTC’s exploration of products beyond the traditional mobile world.
  • The HTC Zoe app exits beta and turns 1.0, bringing with it some new features, an updated design and new friend-finding capabilities.



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