Hexlock – Lock & Protect Apps

 Hexlock offers customized protection wherever you are; set up to six unique profiles to cover every situation and switch on the go!

HexlockHexlock the Smart App Locker is the free applock for your Android phone or tablet to protect your privacy and secure your apps. Password lock only the apps you want to protect by setting a pass-code or pattern lock screen to set parental control and lock your gallery, sms, mail, Facebook and more.

Every time someone tries to enter that app, they’ll have to enter the password before the app can be opened. You can select virtually any application installed on your device which means you can keep friends out of your video games or keep your kids out of your work email.

It’s free to use and the only in-app purchase is to remove ads.


  • LOCK YOUR APPS, NOT YOUR DEVICE – Share your phone worry-free. You can now lock only the apps you choose.
  • AUTOMATICALLY LOCK APPS – Set Hexlock to activate lock profiles automatically when you are near a known Wi-Fi network.
  • SET PARENTAL CONTROLS – Prevent kids from making in-app purchases or changing your settings when they play games on your device.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PRIVACY – Pass your device to a colleague with the peace of mind that your personal apps are safe with Hexlock.
  • MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY – Share your device with friends and be confident your work-related apps are secure.


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