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Healthy Recipes iconHealthy Recipes – SparkRecipes application lets you browse and search thousands of recipes by keyword or category, and save them as your favorites. Categories include country of origin, what sort of meat is involved – if any – and whether it conforms to any particular dietary requirements. You can also add a calories-per-serving limit to your keyword searches, if you’re adhering to a particularly strict calorie-controlled diet. It’s a perfect app for anyone on a diet!

If you are looking to lose weight and save money at the same time, and you understand cooking at home is one of the easiest way but Spark People members do both! With Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipes, it is easy to browse and search thousands of healthy recipes online, and you can save your favorites on the go.

The application is targeting people who prefer to cook at home so as to help them browse and search thousands of recipes, and save favorite ones. For those who want to lose weight. That may be very useful if you are on a diet already.

The results of your search are then displayed in alphabetical order, with some basic nutritional information nestled under each name. When you first install Healthy Recipes, only a relatively small selection of recipes is pulled off the net. However, each time you run the app, more are downloaded.

Product Features

  • Original dishes and menu makeovers from World Master Chef, Chef Meg, our resident healthy cooking expert
  • Nutrition information for each recipe
  • Advanced search options for specific dietary needs

Recently changed in this version:

  • Now search the full SparkRecipes database of delicious, healthy recipes submitted by more than 10 million members.
  • Support for higher resolution and larger screen sizes.
  • Recipe photos now included. Bug fixes, specifically for favorites list not scrolling.
  • Bug fixes, specifically for favorites list not scrolling

This app require android version 2.o and later. You can download it at Google Play for Free
















User Reviews:

Google Play reviews (2,525)!

Healthy Recipes – SparkRecipes is well received by user. It is efficient enough.



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