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Happy Land Defender+ FreeHappy Land Defender+ is a contemporary view on the classic Tower Defense genre, with funny 3D cartoon environment that makes it suitable for gamers of any age. The game is designed for tablet devices with resolution 800 x 600 or higher.

In this game you are the defender of a beautiful and peaceful place called “Happy Land”, which is invaded by alien creeps. Their mission is unknown but it seems that they like very much what’s in the candy shop, so they’re blindly heading straight for it and you must stop them at any cost.

As in most tower defense games you start the level with some amount of cash and you use it to build towers, which shoot at the invading enemies. Every time you kill a creep you earn additional cash for further improvement of your protection – by building new or upgrading the existing towers. You complete the level when you manage to stand some fixed amount of incoming creeps separated in “waves”.

What makes Happy Land Defender+ unique is that there are no predefined paths through which the enemies can pass, instead the action happens on a chessboard-like field and you define the way the creeps can go by building a maze of towers. Additionally there are different sets of special objects on each level:

· Puddles – when a creep passes over them, it gets hurt or slowed;

· Support Flowers – the neighboring towers get speed, damage or range boost;

· Clouds – they fly above the field and damage or slow down the creeps beneath.

You use this strategic advantage and build your defense around these supports combining the specific powers of 5 types of towers you have in your arsenal. This makes each of the 20 levels a completely different challenge.

Another feature is that the type of invading creeps is random selected, so each time you run the game you play a different scenario. This combined with the “Endless Mode” for each level, where your goal is to beat the High Score, guarantees infinite game play time.

Happy Land Defender+ is challenging even for experienced fans of the Tower Defense games, but is also very attractive for children because of the funny graphics and sounds and the freedom to “draw” with towers on the game field. Very open game with stress on the creativeness of the player!


· 8 different types of aliens with their own personality.

· 20 levels each with unique and friendly 3D cartoon environment.

· Endless mode for each of the 20 levels.

· 21 challenging achievements.

· Unique game objects (support towers, clouds, puddles).

Happy Land DefenderHappy Land Defender+

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