Happy Land Defender a Free Online Game!

Happy Land Defender iconHappy Land Defender+ Free from Happy Game Studio is a single player 3D Open Field Tower Defense game, available at Google Play.


Once upon a time, between Planet Venus and Planet Mars, the Earth; was a beautiful, quiet & pleasant place and was known as a ‘Happy Land’. The land without violence, robbery was history and trouble was a term they searched in the Dictionary. It was a land without stress, inconvenience, and everything was peaceful until one day,

Unforgettable day that everyman on planet Earth curse. Do you know what happened?

The nearby aliens invaded the planet. Yes, they did. Their mission was unknown but it seemed that they liked very much what’s in the “Candy Shop.”

Now you have the opportunity to turn things round and restore the Happy Land by defending it fearlessly!

Install Happy Land Defender 3D Tower Defense game in your Android Smartphone to build a maze of towers to stop the aliens. The installation process isn’t long nor is it complicated. It’s just a five minutes job.

In the Game play, you will combine the powers of five unique towers, Fight against 8 types of creeps, and use 5types of towers. You will also have to find the best strategy for each of the 20 levels. Happy Land Defender + free includes 3 game modes for users to select.

This is an awesome app with great UI and outstanding graphics. However, the app is easy to use, no training needed.

At least you won’t miss or fail to have you want since your support is guaranteed. Therefore, enjoy more power of clouds, and lakes.

  • 8 different types of aliens with their own personality.
  • 20 levels each with unique and friendly 3D cartoon environment.
  • Endless mode for each of the 20 levels.
  • 21 challenging achievements
  • . Build a maze of towers to stop the aliens
  • Combine the powers of five unique towers
  • Find the best strategy for each of the 20 levels
  • Use the power of clouds, lakes and supports
  • Unique game objects (support towers, clouds, puddles).
















User Reviews:

Happy Land Defender + Free game is well received by users. It has a 4.2 star of 5 star.


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