Google’s new Smart Lock for Passwords and saved website Passwords are now available

Google’s ‘Smart Lock’ Logs You In Across Android Devices, Chrome on your PC

Google Inc. has introduced a new feature in the updated version of Google play services, which it’s calling Smart Lock for passwords. This feature will automatically sign in users in to compatible applications while they have saved their login credentials into chrome browser.

Smart Lock for Passwords – Allow the passwords of your apps and websites to be saved to your Google account. When disabled, no passwords will be saved or returned from this account. The newest Google play Services version 7.5 announced in the Google I/O fun, will be available to all users.

The auto sign in preference will automatically sign in to apps and websites connected to your account. When disabled, you will be asked for confirmation every time before signing in to an app or website.

To view your saved password, you can find them by logging in . Here, you will not only see all the saved websites password, but you can disable or delete them.

To get “Smart Lock for Passwords” ready on your phone or tablet, your device(s) needs to install the latest version of Google play services. It gives you an option in your Google Settings that will let you sync those passwords to your phone for installed apps to make use of as well. If an app developer simply plugs in a single API into their app, you’ll be able to download an app from Google Play, and sign in with a single tap if you’ve already signed into that app’s website.




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