Google Play Store revenue growth 2014

Revenue for Google play store has grown more than double this year. Over the years, play store has been seeing significant growth app revenue but for 2014, its revenue went up 2.5x from Q1 2013 to Q1 2014, App Annie says. The substantial growth experience has been fueled by the new categories that Google created together with developer rules which were well received by developers and users too.


Gaming category in the Android market remains the most popular in both revenue and downloads. Google’s attention on this category in March 18 this year clearly indicated that, gaming means serious business to them. All the changes that were put into perspective then after, were for the better. Searching for a specific game became easier, and apps have more ways to become visible as from then.

Besides the changes, Google added more interesting genres on top of existing 6. It kept Casual, Racing, and Sports. And it added categories such as Role Playing and Family apps. It changed Arcade & Action to Arcade, switched Brain & Puzzle to Puzzle, and updated Cards & Casino to Card. Then it added new categories such as Music, Board, Adventure, Simulation, and Strategy.

The following month, Google saw revenue increase of 15 percent for games, most input coming from the likes of Japan, the U.S., and South Korean markets.googleplay-apprevenue-countries

Today Annie reports that 90% of all revenue of the Google Play Store comes from games. From that, 98% of revenue belongs to “freemium” titles, not paid ones. Google is likely to talk about this at I/O 2014, which kicks off roughly 2 days from this hour.


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