Google play store is set for a dramatic change in the game category, new design come February 2014

New category in the play storeGoogle is planning on putting a new face in the games category. Currently, the game category has eight choices, two of which aren’t even games (live wallpapers and widgets) but in February 2014 you will be seeing a new design in the category, that’s according to a new Google Play support page.

Google has already authorised developers to choose an additional category to have their game listed in, though the change won’t mean much until the second month of 2014. This step will see the listing count in the Games category jump from eight up to seventeen or even higher than that, and will fall under the category that a developer has chosen. In other words, there are going to be more specific options to find games in instead of the 6-8 we currently have.

The new categories, expect things like:  action, adventure, arcade, music, role playing, simulation, strategy, puzzle, card, casino, casual, board, family, trivia, word, racing, and sports. You can as well view them in the table below for more details.

List of upcoming Game Category changes.

Current Category New Category (February 2014)
Arcade & Action Action
Role Playing
Brain & Puzzle Puzzle
Cards & Casino Card
Casual Casual
Racing Racing
Sports Games Sports

Developers who have current games on the Play store will need to specify a new categories for their game in the Play Store listing, or they will simply default to the broader categories which are being retained. Developers will also need to adjust their Game Services configuration, but no changes to the actual APK files are necessary.

The change is probably more for end users and maybe Google’s earnestness on the line of game apps. Also Google beeing search engine giants, maybe they want to cut the current category which is too broad for presentable genre browsing without resorting to a standard keyword search.

Other than game, the applications in the play store will remain un-touched for the time being. However, if there’s to happen any change, we will be on the speed to let you know!


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