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gpsGoogle Play services 4.4 is the latest update by google Inc, and it’s already available to the world. As any other update, Play services 4.4 carries with it a number of new features that will improve your apps. Google has majored on enhancement on Maps with the introduction of Street View, and great new features in Location, Games Services, Mobile Ads, and Wallet API. Now with Google Play Services 4.4; it can tell when you’re walking or running.

Google Play services release 4.4 is worth a look: Here is a little bit of what it entails.

1. Google Maps Android API – If you have to embrace this release, you have to love the Google Maps Android API. This is the feature that is introducing Street View. Users will now embed Street View imagery into an activity enabling other users to explore the world through panoramic 360-degree views. Add animate the camera movements over a given duration, programmatically control the zoom and orientation of the Street View camera.

2. Activity Recognition – This is what activity recognition has been able to do: send news signals in the location API, detect if the device is in a vehicle, on a bicycle, on foot, still, or tilting. Now Google has taken it to a whole new level where you will enjoy two additional new activity detectors: Running, and Walking.

3.Games Services Update – When version 4.3 was released, it came with a new feature that allowed user to request gifts or wishes, known as “Game Gifts.” In 4.4 release, the default requests sending UI has been extended to now allow the user to select multiple Game Gifts recipients.

4. Mobile Ads – added new APIs for publishers to display in-app promo ads, which enables users to purchase advertised items directly. Google offers app developers control of targeting specific user segments with ads. With these extensions, users can conveniently purchase in-app items that interest them, advertisers can reach consumers, and your app connects the dots; a win-win-win in other words.

5. Wallet Fragments – The Wallet-Fragment API introduced in this release makes it extremely easy to integrate Google Wallet Instant Buy with an existing app. Just configure these fragments and add them to your app. Google has reduced the work involved to place a Buy with Google button in an app thanks to the instant Buy API.

Google I/O is under development or almost done, more details will be rolled out once ready for use.

Anyone can update to Google Play services 4.4 when the roll-out reaches your device’s play.


 Source: Google

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