Google Maps: You Can Use It Offline

Google mapsAre you planning on going to somewhere you’re not quite familiar with and you are worried you’ll get lost on the way? Well, you can rest easily because Google Maps has got you covered. Gone are the days when people used to carry large printed maps with them when they wanted to take a trip to an unfamiliar places. New technology, in this case Google Maps, has made this experience easier than never before. All you need to do is to have Google Maps installed to your Android device and you are good to go.

Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping and navigation services among Android users but just like any other app, it has its faults. Numerous users have often issued complaints that Google Maps only works best with a solid data connection, something that is not always available especially when you are away from the cities. Fortunately Google Maps can be used offline but one must follow the following procedures:

First and foremost, download the area of interest before leaving the safety of your city’s strong connection. Note that there is a massive amount of information when downloading nearly two cities and everything in between them so be ready to sacrifice plenty of space for your maps. These maps however expire after 30 days because as you know, the world is always changing. To solve this issue, go to the Offline Maps settings and activate automatic updates and your offline maps will constantly be updated when they expire.

An important aspect of these Offline Maps is that you’ll not get everything Google Maps has to offer. Information such as bike routes, walking directions, lane guidance and transit details will not be available on Offline Maps. Most of the other features work as expected, you can look for addresses, businesses and easily navigate to them.

Google MAPS screenshot 2google maps screenshot 1

Hit the road and enjoy the benefits Google Maps has to offer when offline!

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